Our Team

JayJay | @theplanetjay

Founder, Leader, and Visual Artist

SavannahSavannah | @iamsavannahleigh

Creative Director

SophiaSophia | @williamssophia

Director of Photography

KVKV | @callmekv

Director of Videography

BryantBryant | @bryant_tnayrb

Marketing Manager

MariahMariah | @visionaryriah

Social Media Manager

KendraKendra | @ktorresart

Workshop Coordinator

ShellzShellz | @shellz_kitchen

Creative Team (Lead & Visual Artist)

JulietJuliet | @_heyjuliet

Creative Team (Painter)

VeliVeli | @veli.the.artist

Creative Team (Visual Artist)

AhniAhni | @ahni_nichole

Creative Team (Graphic Designer)

MikeMike | @brooklyknightz

Creative Team (Painter & Illustrator)

DanikDanik | @danikbanabyyy

Creative Team (Make-up Artist)

JordiJordi | @itz_jordii

Photography Team (Lead & Photographer)

TrevorTrevor | @thephotodrip

Photography Team (Photographer)

EliEli | @_phantomphotos

Photography Team (Photographer)

ShayShay | @shaylingggg

Photography Team (Photographer)

MosiahMosiah | @mosiahmoonsammy

Production Team (Lead & Videographer)

ValVal | @vals_awinner

Production Team (Videographer)

YoleeYolee | @s.yolee

Writer & Blogger

The Creative Alliance – NYC



It first started with a collaborative meeting back in December of 2018, where a group of creatives came together to share ideas on effective ways to help grow the creative community. We believe creativity shouldn’t be a superiority complex but a desire to express and achieve our own success that will allow creatives to grow and connect with each other.

Our founder, James (publicly known as Jay), then decided to assemble a core team of creatives into an organization called The Creative Alliance – NYC, who are striving to unify a world of creatives together.