There are a couple of donations anyone can contribute to help unify creatives in our community. Donations towards The Alliance will help with creating more content, events, workshops and other necessities needed to build and grow with. Another donation will go towards schools/programs to fund art classes and after school programs to push for creativity. Each donation will be put into good use no matter which one it is contributed to in help unifying creatives around the world.




Our Team

JayJay | @theplanetjay

Founder, Leader, and Visual Artist

SavannahSavannah | @iamsavannahleigh

Creative Director

SophiaSophia | @williamssophia

Director of Photography

KVKV | @callmekv

Director of Videography

BryantBryant | @bryant_tnayrb

Marketing Manager

MariahMariah | @visionaryriah

Social Media Manager

KendraKendra | @ktorresart

Workshop Coordinator

ShellzShellz | @shellz_kitchen

Creative Team (Lead & Visual Artist)

JulietJuliet | @_heyjuliet

Creative Team (Painter)

VeliVeli | @veli.the.artist

Creative Team (Visual Artist)

AhniAhni | @ahni_nichole

Creative Team (Graphic Designer)

MikeMike | @brooklyknightz

Creative Team (Painter & Illustrator)

DanikDanik | @danikbanabyyy

Creative Team (Make-up Artist)

JordiJordi | @itz_jordii

Photography Team (Lead & Photographer)

TrevorTrevor | @thephotodrip

Photography Team (Photographer)

EliEli | @_phantomphotos

Photography Team (Photographer)

ShayShay | @shaylingggg

Photography Team (Photographer)

MosiahMosiah | @mosiahmoonsammy

Production Team (Lead & Videographer)

ValVal | @vals_awinner

Production Team (Videographer)

YoleeYolee | @s.yolee

Writer & Blogger

The Creative Alliance – NYC



It first started with a collaborative meeting back in December of 2018, where a group of creatives came together to share ideas on effective ways to help grow the creative community. We believe creativity shouldn’t be a superiority complex but a desire to express and achieve our own success that will allow creatives to grow and connect with each other.

Our founder, James (publicly known as Jay), then decided to assemble a core team of creatives into an organization called The Creative Alliance – NYC, who are striving to unify a world of creatives together.