– By Yolanda Stewart | @s.yolee
Artistry is multifaceted and it takes an innovative mind to master their craft whether by choice or innate ability. However, the journey is not the same for everyone. Unfortunately, there aren’t any self-help guides or how-to books that guarantee immediate success. Being creative is almost effortless, but when it comes to developing your own personal brand, that, my friend, is a process of trial and error. Luckily, these days we have social media which gives us a little more advantage, nonetheless, the work on the creatives part is still required. With the world (internet) literally in the palm of our hands, the choice of how you utilize it is yours to make.

Creatives at the Game Room Studio in Brooklyn, New York | Photo Cred: Jordii | @itz_jordii

Grand Opening Night

On Thursday, August 29th, the newly established nonprofit organization, The Creative Alliance – NYC, also known as TCA or The Alliance, a collective of multi-talented creatives launched their Grand Opening Night at the Game Room Studio in Brooklyn, New York. The mastermind behind TCA and host of the event is visual artist, James Anowai, publicly known as Jay. The introductory event provided a platform for upcoming creatives to network, sell their products and showcase their musical talents. The event featured two rooms, one for the guest panelists, Q&A session, a raffle for creatives to get a chance to win amazing prizes and small free gift bags that were given at the end of the event. The other housed the lively party-like scene with DJ Mystic Jane keeping the crowd moving; Chefs Royal Tee and Rachel, founder of Kelewele, filled stomachs with savory vegan appetizers and complimentary drinks served by TCA team members, Mariah and Ahni, did more than quench attendees thirst.

Cayenne, one of the performers singing an original piece

A Room filled with Talent

Talented artists and TCA team members, Juliet (painter), Natalie (painter), Shellz (visual artist), Veli (visual artist) displayed and sold their artwork. Creative stylist and model, Faith, had graced the floor with her unique style, poses and beautiful long locs of hair that is hard to pass by. And for anyone who missed their nail appointment, professional nail technician, Saavedra D. was available to do some serious nail beautification. What other better way to usher in the weekend than with musical performances. There were a handful of the artists who performed their original pieces such as Piff Marti, RKHTY, Mal, Cayenne, and KV. It was a space of support and appreciation for all creative individuals.

Panelists, Host Panelist and Founder of TCA of the Panel Discussion: Representation (from left to right): Nicholas, Imani, Savannah (host panelist), Cory (middle), Nesshell, Sophia and Jay | Photo Cred: Jordii | @itz_jordii

Panel Discussion: Representation

The theme of the night was representation and unification among young upcoming creatives. In a room filled with nearly 50 attentive onlookers hardly breaking their gaze from the panelists sharing their journey of hobbies transformed into a lifelong passion. The featured guest panelists included: event planner, Imani Murray, modelographer, Nicholas, photographers, Nesshell and Sophia, and comedian/podcast host Corey Cash. For Sophia, what began as a hobby and a couple of leisure photography classes, quickly became an outlet to transform her naturally introverted personality to an outgoing visionary boss. Imani’s journey to discovering her passion began with her mother’s insistence to pursue a career in public relations. Sometimes an external push can lead you to your purpose. Nesshell witnessed the disparities in female representation in the photography industry from overt discrimination to sexism, as young black woman photography striving to make a name for herself, she experienced discouragement. Corey Cash understood that in a world of clout chasers and insta-famous people, he needed to remain truthful to the person his mother raised him to be. His path towards developing his brand on social media is rooted in authenticity. Corey is unafraid to make jokes about his experiences and uses comedy as a coping method. The panelists were prompted with a series of questions to answer by the host, Savannah Davis. All of the creatives: panelists, artists, business owners, and performers who presented at TCA’s official launch gave hope and aspiration to all creatives. The creatives who are still in the self-discovery phase, unsure, discouraged or second-guessing their talents.


The Path of a Creative

Creativity is a gift, so why be basic and fit into the status quo when you can clearly stick out like a nail on the wall. If you have the urge to start a business or just want to share your talents, try attending events, networking, self-promotion on social media or maybe good old-fashion talking to humans face to face just might work. The creative’s path is multifaceted, so there isn’t one way to do anything. If the lane is paved for you already or someone is not letting you into theirs, then all signs lead to designing your own road.