Our mission is to unify independent creatives and artrepreneurs around the world in NYC spaces where they can connect, collaborate and network in a whole new experience that is fun, dynamic and interactive. We want to help grow the creative community by providing services and activities that will inspire, motivate and encourage creatives to strive in their passion, vision and goals.

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U.N.I.T.Y | October 14, 2019

– by Yolanda Stewart

Check out our blog on TCA’s first Grand Opening Night event!

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We are not just an organization built just for moments and trends. We are an everlasting movement dedicated to evolving the world with creativity at its core and to live on for the generations that come after us. Our purpose is to bring a cultural unity among creatives to fully take in and embrace their creative skills and talents.

So why compete with each other when we can all work together.

Event Recaps

20191207110450_IMG_5490CREATIVE CULTURE FEST | December 6, 2019

The Alliance had its second successful event to end the year. Creatives from kids to young adults were unified in a space to connect as a family in a fun and interactive experience.

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GRAND OPENING NIGHT | August 29, 2019

The Alliance had its first major and successful opening event and the theme of the night was all about representation and unification for young upcoming creatives.

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A significant part of The Alliance is our TCA members. It gives us the opportunity to engage and interact closer to our members through events, workshops, projects and various other ways to be active in the creative community. Become a pillar that keeps The Alliance strong and helps us all strive to new heights with your support.

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